Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatment

Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatment

Pancreas in found in the upper abdomen. Pancreas contains glands that handles various body functions like secretion of insulin that controls the sugar level in blood besides using sugar as a energy source. Pancreas also secretes glands that assist in food digestion. A tumor around pancreas known as as pancreatic cancer. This complaint is recognized as a deadly disease and is also considered a silent killer considering that the disease could not be detected till it reaches a sophisticated stage. Though surgery and chemotherapy are considered the possible control of pancreatic cancer, nowadays many alternative pancreatic cancer methods are available.

Treatment options for Pancreatic cancer

The countless reasons for this deadly disease are smoking, consumption of alcohol and long lasting presence of diabetic condition. A few of the alternative pancreatic cancer treatments include radiation therapy, green tea extract.

Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy is a method of treating cancer by allowing high energy x-rays to give the cells of cancer and thereby sealing the growth of deadly cancer cells. Radiotherapy is normally given in addition to chemotherapy regarding this disease. Laser hair removal is totally painless and possesses to be administered for a period of few weeks.

Pancreatic Cancer Orange County CA

Green tea extract: Researches have proved the capability of green tea to avoid pancreatic cancer. This tea closes down an important molecule that tobacco is determined by to cause this ailment. This drink contains two chemicals named epigallocatechingallate (EGCG) and epigallocatechin (EGC) which are instrumental within the prevention of this cancer. ECG, content in green tea, props up development of an enzyme that is beneficial in the prevention of this ailment. Researches also have shown that drinking 4 servings of this tea a day helps to effectively fight cancer.


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